Policy Briefing on Community-based Ebola Care Centres

A component of the Ebola epidemic control policy in Sierra Leone is triage and isolation in decentralised Community Care Centres (CCCs) or Holding Units, from where transfer to Ebola treatment units (ETUs) is arranged for those diagnosed as positive. The epidemic is currently waning, there are sufficient beds in the ETU, yet new micro-epidemics emerge, raising questions about the future role and relevance of the CCC.

This briefing summarizes the preliminary findings of a formative evaluation conducted by the UK based Ebola Response Anthropology Platform in February 2015 on views of community leaders and residents towards 1) their engagement with the development and management of the CCC and 2) future usages of the CCCs physical structure, equipment and staff. A full data analysis is ongoing. We hope that the views presented here provide various options for the use of the CCCs during the bumpy road to zero.

Pauline Oosterhoff, Annie Wilkinson, Esther Yei-Mokuwa / 2015 / Ebola Response Anthropology Platform

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